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The Murray Company has been specializing
in the construction of custom homes since
1974.  Most of our projects have been built
in Eastern Plumas County in the Mohawk
and Graeagle areas.

Our project designs are a result of close
collaboration with our clients. In some cases,
we build to a design by an architect brought
in by the client. In either case, attention is
given to the home-site; the topography, view
corridors, and other elements that make for
a well planned, esthetically pleasing design.
We believe a dialogue with our clients to
determine needs, expectations, as well as
budgetary requirements are  the foundation
of  a successful building experience. 

When our clients look to us for design we
break the process into several stages. First
we gather as much information as possible
with interviews with the client. This
information can be gathered in a number of
ways: clipped photos, visits to completed
projects, home shows, or assistance from
interior design professionals. This
information is organized into a list of
parameters that drives the design.

Real design work ensues with the “Schematic Design”; utilizing all the available information, a floor plan and elevations are developed. These renderings are presented for the clients’ critique, changes are made where needed, and upon approval, the “construction drawings” are completed. This final phase of the design process includes the necessary engineering and energy calculations, and importantly, specifications which flesh out the plans. These specifications clarify the choices of aspects like windows, doors, appliance models, and plumbing fixtures.

During the actual construction we meet regularly with the client to assure that items such as project schedule, finish choices, and budget are on-track.  We have these meetings regularly, in person, or as required, utilizing fax and email. As the home is being completed we prepare a Homeowner’s Manual which has proven very valuable over time. This book contains a list of all suppliers and trades people involved in the project, all manuals and warranty documents, photographs of plumbing and wiring prior to covering by insulation and sheetrock, a map of underground plumbing, and signed lien releases of all suppliers. 

We find that our clients often become our friends. In all cases, we make ourselves available to assure that our homes function beautifully for many years into the future. 

Robert and Chris Murray owners of The Murray Company, work closely with client to build fine Custom homes.